Writing a Novel:

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A friend asked me this if I have finished a novel, and how is the experience? The question will be better answered in a blog post then in a Facebook one. The answer is yes I have not only finished a novel, but I have also finished a novella, poetry, and more short stories then I can count. Writing is a part of my life, and I already have 5 projects in the works. Writing a novel can be easy at times, and downright frustrating. Rough drafts and rewriting is the difficult part since you have to face the blank page, and the rewriting can be hard to since you have to make sure the sentences make sense. It is hard to write a novel from start to finish, and at one point I wrote without an outline. It kept getting difficult since I was writing myself into a corner, and I had to finally write an outline to know where I was going. It is worth it in the end to have the ability to create worlds out of thin air. It does get easier with an outline, but it is hard to go from point A to B. Finding the time is an important part of the novel writing process since it takes time to produce a novel. Sometimes the words will come, and sometimes it is like pulling teeth. The characters tell their story, and you write it down. It can be learned with enough practice, and it is worth it since it allows you to have a voice in the world. It allows you to teach lessons about life through fiction. If you’re a writer you know it since usually there is something urging you to write. Writers have to write since that is what they do. They have something to say and stories to tell. They have a destiny to entertain people, and they are put on this earth for a reason. Writing a novel involves creating characters that will stay with people for a long time to come. It involves putting in enough man hours to finish a project to the end. My first novel will be in print one day since I am making it the fourth book in the Luxor series it will be in two points of view Scarlet and Serena Saban. I have already finished it, and I need to write in Scarlet’s point of view. Of course, I also need to write the first three novels, and I am 8 chapters into the second and 4 chapters into the first. This is a hard series to write since I have to remember details from the previous books to keep in mind while writing. Novel writing involves creating your own world, or changing the world we live in now. It is worth it in the end though. I love the novel writing process since creating novels is something I love doing. It helps me get over my past issues, and it gets rid of my anger. It makes me create real characters going through real struggles, and it is better than therapy. Whenever you’re writing a novel outline first, but don’t be surprised if it changes. Keep going and don’t stop. If you’re stuck free write or do writing exercises then keep going even if it sucks at first since there is always room to improve.

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  1. Wow your an inspiration! I wish I could write (and complete) as much as you have. Keep up the good work!

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