Updates and another cut scene…

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Unfortunately, the retail ebook is going to be delayed, and I should have the answer that I have been waiting for soon on when it will be done since the extensive editing is delayed. I have a month of school left, and after a certain time in May when my last exam is going to be I will begin working on the first three Scarlet novels. The first Scarlet ebook will be free, and then it will cost $2.99 with each ebook to make it affordable to readers. I look forward to finally having the ebook out soon. School has been keeping me busy, and work too. I have gotten through chapter 4 in the edits and one of the scenes I wanted was cut down since it did not flow with the story here it is:

I panic momentarily then, took the time to learn about the register area. There is a light at the top of a pole to show the number. I turn it down, which means the register lane is no longer open and it turns the light off. If it’s in the middle it flashes, and that means a supernatural helper’s aide will come to the rescue. Up turns it on, to signify the register is open.

There is a trash can and cleaning solutions in a cubby. The plastic bags are straight, and stuck on a rotating circle which makes it easier to put the items in the bags.

 “Excuse me, are you going to check me out or just stand there?” I looked at the woman in question. Her bright blue eyes look at me like I am crazy, and her graying silver hair in a bun. She is a werewolf by the smell of her.

I smile at her. “Sorry ma’am just looking around at all the activity.”  I start to ring her up like Roger had shown me, remembering to put everything in the right bag and making conversation with her.

“So ma’am how long have you been shopping here?”

“For years. Werewolf weekly magazine has this store as five stars for werewolf goodies place. I always have a good deal.”

I smile, “Because that is the way of Fiona’s Corner! Good deals for supernatural creatures.”  I get done and total her up.

“Total is 176.90.”

She looks at me and says. “Slide it.” I nod. She finished, and she stared at something to my side. Then she looks back at me giving me a death glare like I shot a puppy. “You forgot my coupons.” Oops, you would think I killed her child. She starts to turn into a wolf, and I whisper. “Sietna she a li.” Her eyes turn normal after the spell binds the wolf from harming me.

“Go to customer service if you cannot control yourself.” I send her to customer service to get the discounts. She leaves, and now comes another customer.

A vampire who is probably buying something for his friend’s baby.

“Can you check the price for me?”

I take the handheld scanner, scan the item, and hit the item inquiry key.


He glares at me like it is my fault it rang up that way. “It was $99.00 at least that is what the sign said.”

 “Okay sir be nicer, and I won’t have an issue.” I replied sarcastically sick of his attitude toward me.

I void the item, and hit price override then hit 1 for pricing error and type the right amount in. I had to wait here for the SCSM to respond, and they take forever sometimes.

 “Are you going to scan the other items? ” He barked like I am his personal dog to kick around.

“Yes, as soon as he Okay it.” I replied sweetly ignoring his rude attitude toward me.

The guy comes, and he forgot to tell me it was a gift receipt. I touch the button, and rescan the item. The dick pays the bill, and then I ring him up this time hitting the gift receipt then ringing him up. He leaves leaving me to want to throttle the dick.

I spend a few more hours on the registers dealing with some charming people. I loved the delightful customers, and the ones who treated me like a being instead of like a slave.

I finish at the register when Roger comes back from his break to take charge of the register again. I signed off and he signed on.

By the way there will be a second retail novel titled: Being an Empathic Witch in Retail Spells trouble. This time it features angels and witches exploring the realm of angels in more detail.

I hope you enjoyed it!

Until next time,


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  1. Haha! This little story is fantastic. I love the contrast between the werewolf/vampire/customer. Very relatable to real like retail customers. Post more!

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