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Spam Sucks…But it can be funny!



I really hate emptying my SPAM folder, and it is one of the reasons why I never say buy my ebook all the time. I am back from vacation, and I have decided to poke fun at all the annoying emails I get from my junk folder.






Yes, she will since I don’t have one…Isn’t that what serial killers say too?


I don’t think I want to since I am engaged…



Sorry I don’t have one of those…


Nice! Thanks for assuming I want  rich women…


Again thanks for assuming I am a man, and no I don’t need testosterone!


So do I! Oh wait you’re not talking about food or fun things are you…


Nope nice try!


I wish especially if it allows me to write full time.


Sorry, I prefer brunettes, and men!


See what I mean? These emails are not targeted towards me. They think I am a man that loves blondes, a senior in pain, and that I have a testosterone issue. I don’t have unclaimed money, I don’t want to have an affair, and I am not a guy. Moral: Don’t target someone who is not tailored to your stuff. If they would stop sending me emails, and look up who this account really belongs to they would know I am a woman, not in pain, and certainly young, and that I am not interested in having a cougar. Target people in your genre, and for the love of god don’t spam random emails! Do your research first.


Until next time,


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