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It has been a long month, and I was not able to finish NaNoWriMo this year because of the other projects I have to finish first. I am through with college for the semester, and I don’t go back till January. I took the last of my finals Tuesday, and it taught me a 5 things about going to a university.

  1. Take detailed notes because remembering the important details will help you succeed.
  2. Study ahead of time like don’t wait till the very last minute to cram it all in it doesn’t work. Follow the syllabus, and study an hour each day.
  3. Read the textbooks, and write down vocab words that are going to be on the test.
  4.  Use your time wisely and don’t procrastinate on a project you will do better if you work on it ahead of time.
  5. Caffeine is your best friend, and so is the library.

The course load is way higher in a University versus a community college expect to have no life and few times for friends. It also teaches you who your real friends are, and the people who will leave you in a heartbeat just because you have time to study and that is it. I lost someone because of it, but that person was never my friend to begin with since I was used. I left this semester with good friends who are worth my time, and now that I have free time my new goal is to work and get my retail novella done.


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