Old Notebooks=Reflecting on the Past

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I keep all my old notebooks, and I used to have a diary with several pages in them. I threw them out because of the bad memories, and in a way I wish I still had them. Keeping the old notebooks around remind me of how far I have gone, and I graduated John Tyler. When I was in John Tyler I wanted it to be over with, and go to VCU. I really did not like going to John Tyler in a way I loved the friends I made though, and I don’t regret that but I hated not being able to get into my dream school. I had horrible grades in high school because I let other things get in the way. Seeing the old notebooks remind me of my goals too. I have the electronics like a good PC finally, and an IPad I use every day. I have the keyboard and stylus too. I use them for writing down, and I have been using my smartphone to take notes since I dropped my IPod on the ground. All the entries remind me that I have a vivid story world, and a ton of characters that could get their chance. I have more stories to tell, and I come up with stories without meaning to. It reminds me why I am writing the stories, and why I should never stop. I will never stop, and it reminds me why I should still redo the novel I put away, and let the world see it. I am going to be participating in NanoWriMo using the Scarlet story. I have to rewrite it from scratch since I have a better way of telling the story which is why I am axing the plot from Soul Snatcher, and putting it in the Scarlet novel instead. I know I can write it in a month, and that is why I am tackling it this time. In the mean time I will write character sheets for the charcters, and write an extensive outline for it.

What about you do you keep your old entries?

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