Characters in books, movie, and Television shows that stay with you:

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Characters are essential for writing fiction in making a story sing, and to bring a plot to life. Characters can make or break a book, and the best ones stay with a reader long after you put down the book. I have read a lot of books that stayed with me even long after I stopped reading because I connected with them. How should I know about it? Simple I am a reader and I was reading way before I started writing seriously. I devoured books when I was in high school, and even in middle school. Television shows help as well as reading books, and even movies can be essential in learning character development.


When I was in the fifth grade I loved The Mummy and The Mummy Returns because it was about ancient Egypt, and I loved the characters of Rick O’Connel who is portrayed by Brendan Fraser since he is an adventurous, gun toting treasure seeker. I loved Evelyn Carnahan  (Rachel Weisz) character since she is a librarian who wanted to go to Hamunaptra to discover a book. I loved the humor in it too, and Rick is a funny guy. I loved the second one since it showed a side of Rick I have never seen.


I loved the Halloween Town movies all the way through the third one because Kimberly Brown played Marnie Cromwell who discovers she is a witch, and then they save the townspeople from Kalibar the evil mayor. I love her character and she develops through the movies. I loved Halloweentown High the most because it shows the creatures blending in with the normal world, and it was a pretty good story especially with the added danger of the Knights.


I loved Dark Shadows because of the character of Barnabus Collins played by Johnny Depp. Watching it brought tears to my eyes since he got turned into a vampire by an evil witch who wanted him to love her. I loved the romance between Barnabus and Victoria. It was a good movie, and it made me wonder what happened to them.


The characters readers connect with will make you wonder what happened to them even after you stopped reading, or watching the movie. It makes readers see them as real people instead of fictional characters because of their flaws, hopes, and dreams. I love movies, and books that make me wonder what happened to them even after I stopped watching and reading.

Warm Bodies is a good example of that, and I loved R (Nicholas Hoult) and Julie(Teresa Palmer). I loved R’s inner dialogue, and the fact that he thinks about more than just eating brains. I loved how Julie is sweet, and that she can take care of herself. I loved the movie, and I do plan on reading the book. I want to know what happens next to R and Julie after they changed the zombies, and killed the Bonies. I loved their romance, and the fact that R does not want to hurt people. He only eats brains to feel human.


Characters have quirks and a past that can take a reader on a journey, and makes you think about them even after they stopped telling their story. They are as essential as a plot too. That is what I hope to achieve with my writing too, and craft characters to make people think about them even when they put down the book, and stop watching the movie.

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