I took a vacation this weekend since it was my four year anniversary with Jason. And boy did I need it since school and work stressed me out. I love North Carolina with the pretty ocean as a background when I am eating. I love it there, and best of all no Jellyfish to sting me!

The first thing I notice once I get to North Carolina is the advertisements, and the banners which are hilarious! I even got a hoodie from Dirty Dicks:
I even ate there, and boy was it good it was on the first day there. I even took pictures of it.
 Fried Gator Tail
 New England Clam Chowder
White Chocolate Pound cake Daquiri
Triple Delight Platter
We even ate at The Rundown which is a favorite to go to when I am in North Carolina, and we stayed at The Outer Banks in. This is what I had at The Rundown. 
 Coconut Shrimp
 Outer Banks Sunrise
Softshell Crab
I had a fun time there, and I even went back to the Aquarium there. 

But the best part of my vacation came when I climbed up this lighthouse:
Because Jason asked me to marry him after climbing all the way up to the top.
I love my ring, and that is my vacation. 
In other news I have been going to classes at VCU, and it is more work then I imagined, but I do plan on getting the Retail novella done. I have all my feedback, and I don’t have a set date yet since there is still more work to be done. I might start making Video blogs to document the process. 
Until next time,


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