College skills and classes can be used in Writing:

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For the first few weeks of college getting to class was harder then the work in a way. Once I got more into the classes, and used to walking to three different buildings I realized something. College involves critical reading and writing, and taking careful notes as a must. Writers can use it too when they read their favorite writing craft books by highlighting important parts, and taking notes then apply it to their writing. It does help that I am taking a few textbook heavy classes, and it will help me take better notes while reading a writing book to review on my blog. I am taking Mass Communication 101 which goes over social media which is handy in today’s world. I can apply it to the world I am creating, and I am taking International Studies 101 which studies populations. It made me think about my government, culture, what the creatures are like, symbols, currency, slogans. It made me see how handy going to class is not to pass the class for my degree, but how it can help with writing! I will go into detail about world building in another post.

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