My Beta reader experience and a busy summer

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The summer is almost over, and it means VCU is right around the corner. I have been busy with work mostly, and I got done putting in the changes suggested by my proofreader for the retail novel. They are with the Betas too, and I hope to get everything done by the end of August if not beginning September. I really hope to see a paperback of my book soon. I know that when I do it will be worth it. I have been getting Beta readers to look over my ebooks, and a Beta reader is someone who looks over your manuscript before you publish. Like a proofreader who reads over your stories catching mistakes and inconsistencies like an example of mine is I had Fiona as a blonde, and then a brown later in the story which she found and I corrected it. I loved getting Beta reader feedback, and they make me think about things I have never thought of story wise. They are good at picking out story issues, and whether something needs explaining or not even grammatical errors too. An example is I have a bad habit of switching tenses. They caught that, and they caught issues I have never thought of before. I love working with them, and I have found a good solid team finally.

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