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My Trip to the Mountains


I just got back Sunday from the mountains, and I stayed there for a few nights last weekend to escape work and writing. I saw some amazing view of the mountains when I go closer to the log cabin called Sweet Reunioun at Lydia Mountains. That is the log cabin I am staying at the entire time, and I had a good view of the mountains on the way there :


This was the picture I took on the drive there. At one point we had to take a dirt road, and it was like a Disney ride. It had turns and hills galore. I stayed at the Lydia Mountain cabins, and it was called “Sweet Reunion.”

Here are picture of the inside:


This is the living room, and the first thing I thought is it would be the perfect writing retreat. It had a kitchen, Dinning room, living room, one bathroom and two bedrooms.

It even had a Jacuzzi which was perfect to relax in, and the only thing I hated was the bugs. I did get used to it after a while. I even found a journal left behind with entries from other people.


I left behind this entry for the people coming to the cabin:


The next day I went to Luray caverns for the first time, and they were spectacular.




I had fun exploring the caves, and I ended up going to Hortons Vineyard for a wine tasting. I tried ten samples, and I loved two of the wines so much I ended up buying them. I did work on some of the #RevengeSucks story, and I did write in my journal.

This is the status on my ebooks:

#DarkTalesofVengeance-Done waiting on the cover.

#BeingaVampireinRetail, #TheKillerContractAgency, #RevengeAgainsttheEx, are with the beta reader and proofreader. Then they will be sent to the editor, and I will publish them as soon as I get the cover. I am hoping to have them all done by the end of August, and I will end up making a paperback too.

Until next time,



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