Self-publishing and Revising:

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Right now, there is a lot going on in my life mainly revising and editing little by little. It is a long process, and one that can be exciting like rearranging words, and how even simple ones can have more of a meaning then a long drawn out sentence. I don’t mind it as much since revising means adding details, and making a story better. It also means listening to people critique my work, and not getting mad when they don’t praise my work since first drafts always suck. There is no getting around it either, and a rough draft is better than nothing at all. I have been reading more in between everything and a there are a few good books out there on self-publishing like the review I did, and the link is here:

 There are two ebooks I have read cover to cover one is called Smashwords Book Marketing Guide by Mark Coker which explains how to market your books. It even has 30 tips on getting your book out there, and it is really helpful with showing you inexpensive marketing techniques.


The second book is called Smashwords Style Guide by Mark Coker, and it is amazingly helpful in teaching you how to format your ebook for Smashwords. It even has step by step instructions to formatting your ebook as well as a list of resources to use. It shows you mistakes to avoid, and it teaches you how to work with Meatgrinder the program used to format the ebooks.


In the meantime in between editing and revising. I know that when the time comes to put the Retail novella out I will definitely be ready to implement the techniques I have been learning, and this time I will be more prepared especially with my team in place like my graphic designer, editor, and proofreaders I know I can become more successful especially with their help.

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