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I went to orientation last Tuesday to be introduced to VCU, and I got my ID now. My schedule is 5 classes two are online, and three are at VCU Tuesday and Thursdays. Not a bad schedule for the fall, and it is going to be my first semester at a University. I will talk about the differences between community college and university, and my experiences for people who are going to Community college who want to transfer to a University. I am excited, and in the meantime working on editing to get the ebooks out in between working five days a week. I have been reading more ebooks like David Gaughrans Let’s Get Digital, and the ebook Self-Printed by Catherine Ryan Howard. I have been reading more self-publishing articles to get a picture of what it will be like, so I am prepared. Right now I am just trying to work on the feedback, and I plan on doing a review of an eBook I have from an author that contacted me over Facebook too. I will find the time to get everything done, and do the reviews. It is just a matter of finding the time in between everything. Life is just one learning experience one after the other, and really I love the way my stories are shaping in the rewrites. I forgot how fun the editing process is, and how it all comes together in the end. I have also learned more about life, and people along the way.

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