So it begins…

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I graduated school Monday, and I loved it! I had fun that day, and I even got a shirt. Since school is over until the end of August I will be working five days a week, and working on the ebooks too.


 I also had an idea to have an awesome indie post featuring books by independent authors. I love reading from them too, and since I am an indie author myself it works out. I chose to become one for the higher royalties, control over everything, and I really don’t want to change my story because of a publisher. I love being able to do things my way, and reaching out to people to help along the way. I have been meaning to read more, but I am enjoying the absence of stress thanks to school. School was stressful for me, and now that I don’t have it things are different. Now I can work on my writing career, and my blogs. 


I am going to get the feedback for the retail story today, and work on making changes all day tomorrow. Then giving it to the editor, and working on the second ebook changes. Then giving Revenge Against the Ex to the proofreader afterward, and after I get back the changes from the editor making the changes, get the cover and publish. Then do it all over again for the second. It is a long…long…process, and when the second ebook is finally done I will  combine both ebooks into a paperback for readers who prefer that format.


That is all I am going to say for now…


Until next time,



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