School is over!!!

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I took my last exam Tuesday, and I passed all my classes which means my GPA is a 3.0. I am really happy to say I will be graduating with an Associates May 11th! I am finally happy community college is done! It really makes me happy to finally be done with school until August which means I have the whole summer off. I will be working full time, but it also means I have more time to write posts for my blogs! I plan on going ahead and releasing two ebooks this summer, and a paperback on top of that since I have all this free time in between school. As always I will be working on the second killer novel little by little too. I have the second ebook title nailed down which is called Revenge Against the Ex which is fitting since it deals with getting even against them. I really am looking forward to being done with math too since that is a subject I struggle with so no fun there. I will be getting a minor in writing too, and that will be pretty neat too.

I have new student orientation for VCU on the 21st, and then I will know my schedule too. I hope to have time to write in between the classes I am taking, so that is all I have for now.

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