Improvisation can be used in retail:

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I have been taking theater courses like Introduction to Theater and Improvisation which is a theater technique that allows you to practice in the moment. It has made me realize how it can be applied to working retail. It can be useful for putting everything your worried about on the backburner, and acting like problems don’t bother you. While you ring people up you also interact with them, and if you have a good attitude about you can also entertain them too. I have noticed applying some techniques on the floor can actually help instead of hinder you like you can act like a character from a foreign country. You can act over the top, and since they don’t know you they can be used when you need practice getting into a character if you need to learn how to integrate characters. It also allows you to practice the role of a salesman which I know I will need to learn in order to market my books. I love all the techniques too, and improvising allows you to think on the spot, and go with the flow more when it comes to a hectic work environment. It helps me get through the day to use my training when my mind is wandering to other places that I would not want to think about. Deep breathing before work helps too when I am getting my mindset on retail mode which is smile, be bubbly, and ask if they need help. It even helps me push everything aside and focus on my job instead of the million other things distracting me.

Have you ever used these techniques before?

As an update I on the paperback I am waiting to hear back from an editor to okay her for me to send her one group of stories, and then I have two other groups with critique partners and editors. I have been doing nothing but school work lately since I am graduating May 11th which means I have only 3 weeks of school left. After that you will see more posts on this blog, and my other ones. I plan on doing a post comparing theater to writing since the two are very similar.

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