Moving On….

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One of the hardest lessons I have learned so far is Letting go and moving on. It is hard because someone you knew, and are close to is a stranger now instead of a friend. The guy or girl you used to date and laugh with no longer sees you as a girlfriend or boyfriend just a stranger. It hurts even more if they are married with kids, and seeing other people too. Especially if you really loved them, and wanted to be with them for the rest of your life. It hurts, and burns but you learn to let go and move on.

Talking to them makes the pain of moving on hurt worse, and especially if you still want to work things out, but they have moved on and want nothing to do with you. Then again there are more people to meet, and more places out to explore to see more people and form better friendships and relationships.


When one door closes another one opens , and for your sake never open the closed door ever. I did enough times to the point where it ended badly. It is meant to be closed for a reason. I did try to open the door, and the guy pretty much told me he does not care what he did and to stay out of his life like a jerk. If people want you in their life they will make time for you, and if not its their loss not yours because you really don’t need them in your life if they treated you like that. Moving on is not a bad thing for me at first it did hurt, but I wound up finding someone better to fill the void he left. I found someone better someone who treats me right and tells me the truth. He is himself around me, and he does not pretend to be someone else.


The reason why I am talking about this is because this is the theme of the second killer novel.  Letting go and moving on , and to not let the bad past get in the way of the future. Love is stronger than revenge. I also use this story as a way of moving on which is why I need to write this story. I move on more if I write it out. It will be worth it to go through this emotional story, and I want people to learn from it too. People who find it hard to move on. That is why moving on as a theme and forgive and forget are important life lessons to learn. Moving on making room for the good things to come is important especially when it comes to relationships and friendships which is what you will see in the story.


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  1. Nice writeup. I mostly agree with you. We should love our loved ones unconditionally.

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