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 I have been so busy between work and school that I have barely had any time to write at all. It shows at times when I don’t write since writing is something I have to do in order to stay sane. I was kept up late at night last night thinking about my characters Scarlet and Anubis. I thought about where they came from, and who their parents are realizing I need to do more research on ancient Egypt to understand where Anubis came from. I applied to Virginia Commonwealth University because I really want to go there to get a Bachelors in Mass Communications in Journalism. I plan on minoring in Creative Writing because I love to write. It is more of a have to versus write when I feel like it since if I don’t write I feel emotionally bad. It is a thing I have learned about myself since I use my writing as a way of therapy.
I also plan on using my Reviews for Writers blog to talk about a writing book I have been reading called Book in a Month by Victoria Schmidt. It is a good book, and I will be doing an experiment to see if I can write a book in a month. I also plan on reviewing The Writer magazine since I get it all the time. Of course I might just do it during the summer. I have been working more on the second killer novel, and at one point I was trying another way. It did not work out, and I kept the original version instead. I might be putting the first few chapters in the paperback, but I will have to see meanwhile I am waiting for the editor and working on editing the retail story to send it off to a proofreader before I send it to an editor. I am going to get another laptop when I start vcu as a way of making a fresh start.
I will be turning my blog Survey of Popular Culture into a blog for reviewing movies, television shows, and video games since I watch a ton of tv shows and movies in my spare time. I know I should use it to review books too since it falls in the realm of popular culture too. I will be free during the summer for the first time, so expect me to post way more than I do now since I will be free from school. That leaves me time to write more too, and play video games. I am thinking for my first review that I will review Bioshock Infinite, and I do have the Samsung Galaxy S3 review done so expect to see that when I find all the pieces to it since my room is so messy I only found a few pages. As always I will keep you guys up to date when I re-release the first killer short and the first retail ebook.
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