Second Love makes you better

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They say people never marry their high school sweethearts, and sometimes that is true some people do marry them. The majority of people don’t because let’s face it people change. I always wonder why relationships don’t work out when both parties could have worked on it, and distance does not mean anything at all when there is love. I think about this as I write one of my characters, and see everything she has been through in her eyes. Sometimes things don’t work out because one decides to give up, and honestly if it does not work out with your first love then they obviously could not handle it at all. I now know what a real relationship is like, and it means having them around enjoying their company. It means fighting is healthy, and if it does not happen then something is wrong. It means working out no matter what, and no giving up when the relationship gets rough. Relationships are hard sometimes, and you have to have compromise in them. Relationships involve trust and telling the truth even when it hurts. It is like that with friends too, and it means communication. I am really happy in the relationship I am in now since we communicate, we talk, we tell each other the truth even if it hurts. We enjoy spending time with each other, and I hate being away that is one of the key elements in the second killer novel I want to put in. People always write about first loves, but maybe they should think about it the second time around too. Each relationship prepares you for the next, and learning and loving is what life is about.

What about second love?

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