My Weekend at Katsucon


I left at 4am Friday morning to ride to a hotel to stay at with my boyfriend, and then make a 10 minute drive to Maryland for Katsucon:Image


A convention for people who love Japanese animation, movies, tv shows, and films even people who love video games, swords and knives, and graphic novels.

Here is my knife:


I loved all the knive booths, and there was a gaming room, Artists Alley, Merchant Room, and various events going on throughout the day. 

I even picked up new gages and a key Chain:



I loved it there it was so much fun! The most amazing thing about it was inside the hotel there were two cool water fountains:





I loved going inside since it looked like a mall too will all kinds of shops, and tons of conference rooms.




The best part of the trip though was the amazing costumes, and this is mine:



Here are all the Costumes I took picture of and with:


Lee as Alucard..


The back of the tall bumblebee costume it was a person on stilts!



Here is the front.




This is a picture of my friend Jessica as Queen Chrysalis.



This is me with a guy from Fallout.



This is a guy from Halo.



This is a picture of Jason and the Rae gang.



And this last picture is of Jason and the Scotsman.



All in all I really enjoyed being at the convention. I also ate at McCormick&Schmicks for the first time. I really loved their Clam chowder it was the perfect thing on a cold day. I even shared the Ultimate Mixed Grill: Stuffed Shrimp, Grilled Shrimp, Seared Scallops, Grilled Salmon. It was not that bad, and I even loved the Scallops when I don’t mind them. The second restaurant I tried was Public House. I ate the Maryland Crab Cake sandwich, and it was so good I could have asked for another!

Oh boy was it cold to the point where I wore jeans for the last two days. I am hoping to go back this time to Otakon with friends to make the experience more enjoyable then it already was, and I made friends there too. I talked to a book reviewer with her own channel on Youtube, a few screenwriters who are filming a movie, and a few cosplayers.

That is all for now until the next con. I will be getting back to writing blog posts, and find the Samsung Galaxy review too.

Until next Time,



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