Patience is the key!

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I have not worked on the edits for the killer short which might turn into a novella at this point or the retail one since I am waiting for my critique partner to give me his feedback. After I get it back then work on the edits I will send it to an editor to go over a few times then get the cover, and publish it still it is not a short process at all. Not by a long shot in fact it can be downright a waiting game, but it will pay off in the long run. With the writing process you learn to be patient when it comes to waiting like things get in the way like for me work and school can make writing be temporarily put on the back burner thanks to it being my last semester there is even more pressure to make sure school work is done before I even think about writing. I am still set on a Summer release for the paperback, and the re-edited killer and Retail story. It just takes time to produce a good book, and I am working on the second killer novel too while doing research for the Fang and Fur of Love book. Writing the world I am doing takes time, and I am self-publishing my ebooks and paperback which means I do all the work by myself. I really love being able to control it by myself to an extent which is why I did it by myself. I will write on more topics in the future since I plan on reading several Indie books about writing a novel, and how to survive in the world.

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