10 things that annoy me about working retail:

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 I have taken over Wolfdreamer25’s blog to talk about my time working retail. I had to in order to solve a case for the werewolves since I owe them. I am hoping my story will come out in January in the meantime I will take over to talk about my experiences in retail.

I  have to work at a retail store as my under cover job part time at Fiona’s Corner and Café, and I have been there long enough to make a top ten list of things that annoy me especially things people do and say that make me annoyed when I worked for them. Here are my top 10:

  1. Stop asking me if I work here. I wear the stupid nametag, and uniform how much evidence do you need in front of you that says I work there. I know I look like a kid, but come on stop being a moron and use your head. I feel like saying I don’t work there when people ask me that, or that no I don’t work here I just dress like this to confuse you.
  2. People ask me if we have anything in the back when they cannot find what they are looking for. Everything you see is all that we have, and sometimes we do have it in the back but only when its overstock. Like a lady looking for an item she could not find, and I was trying to find it for her. I did not see it, and it is not in the back, and she took it out on me too. We don’t keep things hidden in a secret compartment either away from people. And don’t give us an attitude when we try to help you, but don’t find the item. Its not our fault you mean vampires, witches, werewolves, and any other creature shopping at the store.
  3. If we cannot repair something since the company says we cannot don’t push us to do it anyway because our company has to pay out of pocket if something happens like the piece breaks and Fiona’s does not have one to replace it. I have many people get mad at me because of the company policies to not do something. The bosses will punish you if the rules are not followed, and I really don’t want to break something and have the customers get mad at me then ask the company to pay for it. The annoying red headed bitch at my job kept pushing me to repair her damn item saying, “The policy has not changed.” This and that trying to convince me to do it, and would say that she would not sue my company if something happens I know it is a lie they all lie. Some of them at least, and I love the ones understanding…
  4. Stop staring at employees when  you want help, you have a mouth use it, and don’t beckon us over with your finger we are not dogs. We are people treat us like it.
  5. I really don’t care if you leave your clothes at the fitting room, but don’t leave a random item where it does not belong put it back like a good person and stop leaving  a mess for the employees.
  6. Stop talking on your cell phone in line at the counter, or when you need help its rude. I guess manners are too much to ask at the supermarket.
  7. Stop telling me how to do my job especially if you have never worked retail before. Stop pointing out in a rude way if I have done something wrong people make mistakes, and pointing out that I made a mistake rudely makes me feel like punching you in the face or not helping you period. “You did it wrong.” A lady yells after I make a mistake with a check well I have never done it before, and getting mad at me then taking it out on me is not helping me.
  8. If a machine has an error on it then stops assuming it is my fault. It is a card error, and getting mad  at me about it is pointless. Then again some people are in such a hurry they want out of there, and they want to blame someone for it.
  9. Stop leaving your carts in the area other then where the carts are like leaving one in jewelry or apparel when it is not supposed to be there is rude to the employees and other people. Especially in the aisles like people do thinking we can put it away for them since they are lazy.
  10. Leave your attitude at the door, and stop bringing it at the store and taking it out on me. I hate it when people treat me badly by yelling at me, or giving me hell about doing my job just because they have a bad day. Like a guy was rude about me trying to save his money by getting him a two pack since it was cheaper instead of a one pack. It makes me mad if I try to be nice, and they are rude back. If I go out of my way to help you don’t be rude.


Those are just ten things that make me annoyed about working retail. If you work in retail then add a comment about what makes you mad about working in retail.

I might have more later on…That was a little tid bit about working at Fiona’s Corner and Cafe thanks to Scarlet Summers a character in the novel Vampires in Retail Sucks. I hope you enjoyed it!


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