Writers and dealing with people..

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I want to be a stay at home author and journalist in the future. I have to have a job though so I can make money to afford college. I thought I would end up staying at my first job,  but it did not happen at all. I got let go thanks to not being funded anymore. No problem I will get a job somewhere in that field with no luck at the end of trying to find a job in another department.

I instead applied to jobs that deal with people since it was a better option to me then working in restaurants or fast food. I landed a job that deals with people not having any experience, and not knowing what I was really in for. It turns out after a year I found out there are lessons to learn there that I can use to make me a more successful writer. 

  • How to deal with people. I have never dealt with the general public before, and authors have readers with all kinds of personalities, and they have to deal with agents, editors, and publishers too. It prepares you for getting used to their opinions, and sometimes how to deal when it clashes with your personality.
  • It teaches you certain business skills you will need for the future. Skills like counting money, and what people like and don’t like. What people can improve on, and sometimes what not to do when it comes to certain situations.
  • It teaches you how to solve problems and think critically. You have no idea how to solve an issue unless you face it head on. Like trying to solve a reader issue is one example, and people related jobs prepares you to solve issues when they arise. Sometimes you have to solve it on your own without help.
  • You get to see a side of people you have never seen unless you are on the other side.
  • It teaches you how to be patient. Writing can take a very long time in the process from  idea for a book to published in the stores. Jobs that deal with people allow you to develop patience when dealing with certain customer or reader interactions.
  • It can teach you lessons like treating the ones behind the counter or ones that have to obey the companies rules. Considering people related jobs like retail, mall ones, and restaurant people take a lot of flack from the general public like being yelled at because of a little issue easily fixable if they would stop yelling at you and allow you to solve it. People complain about policies to you when there is nothing you can do about it, and they should take it up to the people in charge instead. I just wish the general public would stop treating people that work in stores better too.

Those are some of the lessons and what about you have you learned lessons to take away from the job that you work at? Ones that apply to real life?

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  1. Very insightful post I really agree with you. I was kind of on the other spectrum when I was just out of high school I was a complete extrovert and enjoyed working with the general public and customers in retail. That has changes more recently for me as I find I am more grounded and less spontaneous. I still feel I can make quick decisions and go with life’s ebb and flow, but now more than anything I seek as an artist to find that inner solidarity in my job and my personal hobbies. I am content with the friends and family I have and they have enough stuff for me to keep up with. I would love to work on my own and take a break from the general public

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