Classes on Novel Writing and Poetry:

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I have a few writing classes this semester one is novel writing and the other is poetry one. They both deal with reading books about poetry writing and novel ones. I love it so far. I even have another novel I am going to work on for the class, and I made a jacket copy for it. Here it is:

Kiera Simone is so obsessed with vampires she will do anything to find one.  Then she meets Nicholas “Nick” Harmon, a vampire who changes her life forever by showing her the person she is meant to be – a witch with elevated status in the Melodian realm. A realm for supernatural creatures. It introduces her to a world she only dreamed existed. Then Nick vanishes one day, and it looks like he has run into the realm. She must risk everything, even her life, to feel the magic through the realm coursing through her and to find her love!

I have taken a creative writing class before and in turn I have a fun result of an exercise that I did here:

The exercises create a storm scene and a restaurant scene.

Storm scene: The thunder struck the ground like a match, lightning crackled all around me, thunder rumbled, rain beat down hard. It was awful with flooded streets and creeks overflowing with rain water. Water drowned everything. It was sooo bad houses shook. So scary that I thought I was going to die. Thunder and lightning kept going, and encasing the world with inky blackness. It was awful. Bad. The wind kicked up like cyclones.

Restaurant: It was an interesting day when I sat at my usual place at Cochino’s Place. I ordered water, and a Burger Special. Then I popped open a book to read and I was about halfway through a chapter when someone shouted, “I caught you in bed with her! Don’t lie to me!” I looked over to see who interrupted my reading.

A couple sitting across from me did. There was a man and a woman both in their late 30’s. They were both very mad, and I could tell they did not get along.  The man spoke, “I have no idea why you are saying that because I have not seen anyone except you. Tell me is it worth it to throw 5 years of marriage away for a simple misunderstanding?” He gave her a warm smile. The woman was not taking any of it though. “Bull I don’t believe you at all. I saw you. Don’t try to calm me down either. You know that is irritating to me.” Her eyes turned seething with hatred.  “I hate you a$$ho%& . The very thought of you makes me throw up. You suck, you are a jerk, and the moment you be nice is an indicator to your lies.” He stared at her for a moment thinking about her words. He sighed, “Okay I give up. Yes I was with someone else. I don’t have to take any of your bull anymore. You are annoying and bad in bed. I am divorcing you and going out with Tina.” Her face turns red, she slaps him then leaves. I ate my meal, paid, and left. I am ready for the next show, and I cannot wait to see what they do next.  THE END   

As I continue with the classes I will be posting work from it on Tuesdays.

Have you ever taken any creative classes at all, and what are the results of it?

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