First Love Changes You

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When you are in love for the first time it is an exhilarating experience, and your heart beats every time you see him or her.  You love the way they look, smell, act, and they love you back the same. Time stops every time you two kiss and touch saying the words, “I love you.” To each other which fills you with warm fuzzies. The thing with first loves is it does not last, and after your first love breaks your heart you fear you will never find someone better than them. Lie.

After your first love you will find someone else, and realize that honestly each relationship prepares you for the next. It is a fact that people will come and go, but true love will last no matter what. Sometimes loves can change you for better, or leave you in a hole of depression if your not careful then wonder what you did when it had nothing to do with you at all. Sometimes it prepares you for the next love cause there will be a next one after the first. I think about first loves because of one of my characters who had her heart broken by her first, and I am going to impart the lesson to readers with the fact that after the first love comes an even better relationship, and it is not the end of the world if he breaks your heart in high school. In college is where you can possibly meet the love of your life.

College is where I met mine, and sometimes you will not meet them until you are an adult. Any thoughts about first loves, and how it can change you?

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One thought on “First Love Changes You

  1. Wow what a great and insightful post very mature and contemplative. Intol think the way you do. An additional thought is that the true love unlike the first love is enduring and will be fought for sometimes going through hell and back to protect or mend the relationship. True love is priceless and not easily let go. I think that we can look back at our previous experiences as an examination of ourselves in the areas of strengths and weaknesses. Usually we find that first love had many faults but that we weren’t immune to the sensationalism of the “fist love” drug like symptoms so often times we miss the fact that this is often a toxic experience behind the proverbial curtain on the great and powerful oz.