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I have officially started a new semester at Tyler, and it will be my  second to last  semester. I graduate that Spring in May with an Associates of Science. I am transferring to VCU to major in Journalism and Minor in Creative Writing. This semester I have a poetry and a novel writing class, and a math one which is not one of my favorite subjects. They are going to be my general electives as well as a math credit class. I will post my work from the novel and poetry classes to the blog.

I am hopefully going to blog twice a week more like on Mondays, Tuesdays, or Thursdays since I have those days for school and writing. I work in between writing and school which is why I don’t post as much as I should. It is not easy either.

Onto Writing news: I am having the cover for the first killer story redone, and boy did I love the beginnings of it. I am uploading the cover next Thursday after I meet with one of my cover artists. I am making the first story available for KOBO readers that day after I get the cover. Then to Amazon and Smashwords.

Currently I am working on rewriting the first retail novel, and changing the store from normal to supernatural. I love desigining the store too! I hope to be done in a month  with the rewrites depending on how long I work on the story. Then after it is edited I give it to the beta readers, get the cover art, and then it will be available as an ebook for Amazon, Nook, Smashwords, Ibooks, and KOBO readers.

Speaking about writing projects or art projects what are you guys working on now?

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  1. This neq cover artwork is that what you ate having me work on and of somewhat is the deadline just so i can schedule it in my work flow.

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