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Sometimes I go through my ebooks and talk it over with a friend who comes to the same conclusion I do. The story is not working with the general theme, and for the reason that it does not fit the theme  of Karma Turns on The Wicked, and it does not star a supernatural character period I left it out of the ebook and decided to put it on the blog instead….So here it is:

 Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.
 Talk show Revenge:
My name is Leana Maliki a girl who was put to the test thanks to bullies, and I finally got my revenge on the people treating me like a person to be used and thrown away. This is my inspiration on how I got people back without resorting to violence.

The best form of revenge is success. I used to let the past get to me, and it would affect me so much my whole day would be ruined. I used to think constantly about ways to change the past, and the people about what I would do if I ever saw them again. I was mentally abused by them called ugly, fat, whore, slut, and told I had no morals when they are the ones that slept around with everyone they met. The girl tried to steal my boyfriends, and the guy was a total jerk flirting with other girls while we were together, and kissing them. Lying to me about who he really was, and the girl pretending to be my friend when really she was using me. The guy would even hit on other women in front of me, and the guy tried to force me to have sex with him.

Looking back on it the guy’s mom is an alcoholic, and probably thought girls are lower than him because of his mom not giving him enough love and attention. The girl is bipolar, and she has mommy issues as well thinking she is trying to ruin her life when really she is trying to teach her things. I wished the both of them dead at one point because of their negative impact on my life. They were two of the worst people, and I wish I did not know them. They were brought into my life for me to grow as a better person then them. I always thought the reason why the guy treated me badly, and constantly put his money in my face was because of the fact that I have a mom that loves me, and who cooks for me too. My parents give me anything I ask for, and maybe that is why they tried to bring me down. I thought about them and what they did. I realized I no longer care anymore, and I realized it for the first time in a long time.

I no longer care about the bastard having someone else to move in with anymore. I no longer care for the girl’s friendship either cause I have tons of friends looking out for me. I am not the only one the girl treated like shit either, and no one really liked her they thought she was annoying, and they only pretended to be her friend. Also the guy now has someone else to take out his issues on, and he is some one’s problem. He never showed his feelings either, and I felt he is not worth having a relationship with. A guy who cannot show me how he is feeling is useless to me, and I am with someone else better. The guy was dead inside and controlling too, and if I was with him I would not be able to have guy friends because he would threaten to kill him. Last I heard he was in another state far away from me, and I heard the other girl is across from my old house. I do not care though.

I now have a great husband, two beautiful children, and I am a bestselling author with movies made of my books. I only think that much about them when I am afraid of the future, and that is really the only time I obsess about those assholes.

I am sweating bullets now, and about to talk to a live audience on the Sally Show, and it is a live show that features interviews with bestselling authors, celebrities, and news. I am talking about my upcoming book which is a paranormal romance called, My Salvation about a girl who got over her past of abusive relationships, and found a sexy werewolf that showed her what real men are like, and her best friend Tayla showed her what a real friendship is like. One who does not put you down. One who picks you up, and is there for you. One who does not just talks about their problems, and not only ignores yours, but backstabs you in the process. One who does not complain all the time, and one who does not try to compete with you over things at all. I thank the people who I am in a healthy relationship with for everything I have learned.

I stood backstage in my cherry red suit, and dress. My makeup is expertly done to convey my professional look so I do not look like crap on stage.

“And now we have Leanna Maliki. USA bestselling author of My Salvation. And author of the Lalaine Channing series.” The voice boomed over the loud speakers, and of course it was Sally Stone. Who is the hostess of the show a smart redhead with striking green eyes. I smiled as I walked on stage careful to walk slow, and not fall. I sat across from her in a comfy black leather chair. I have quite the fan base, and my fans littered the audience cheering me on. I have accumulated many fans over the years that I have been writing since I write raw stuff. I had a microphone clipped onto me a few minutes before I walked on stage.

“Hi, Sally I am very happy to be talking to you about my latest release.”
She smiled, and it was interesting hearing my voice echo over the loud speaker. “So what can you tell me about the book.”

“The book is about a girl who is abused by two people she thought cared about her, and she used to care about them until they showed their ugly true colors. She is a witch too, and she tries to use spells to get over what they did to her, and ones to get rid of them. Of course it backfires. And after she meets a handsome, sexy, werewolf her life changes, and she finds out what real relationships are like. She is still dating the abusive guy, and still is friends with the horrible girl. It all changes  when she meets Tayla who is a Fae. She shows her what a real friendship is like.”

“Does it have any real life experiences in it?”
I think about it for a moment debating on how much to tell her.

“It does have some, but no names are mentioned to protect the mean party from thinking they are in it. Their appearances are changed too.”

“I read it before it came out, and one of the girls broke up friendships. Like two guys were friends, but she went out with one of them, and cheated on him with the other friend like all manipulative bitches do. What kind of person does this? Also stealing someone elses lover really?”

I nod, “It is hard to believe it happened too, and sometimes I wish it was someone else it happened to instead of a few of my friends.”

“Let’s take calls to see what the audience thinks.”

“We have a call on line one. You’re on aire.”

“Yeah, I know who you are talking about. Her name is Agatha, and she cheated on me too. She is annoying, and she thinks she think is hot when she is not. Like turning a negative thing into a complement please that is like saying you loved being called a slut.”

“Line two.”

“She is pathetic because she calls herself my friend when I cannot stand her ass. I hate her. She said I had no morals when she sleeps around.”

“Line 3.”
“She is someone who needs to wake up cause not everything is about her. She is a sociopath cause she did not care when I told her how much she had hurt me. She made it all about her saying she supported me. Lying bitch she never cared about anyone but herself. She actually thinks I will go out of my way to insult her when she is not worth it.”

Sally had a smile on her face, and she looked like she loved it, and so did I. I feel better knowing I had every right to be mad. Naturally I knew the next person to be talked about.

“Time to put our attention on Deryk Spain. The abusive supposed evil boyfriend. Why would a girl stay with a guy who flirts with other girls? It seemed as if the guy did not give a shit about the relationship, and if he would have then he would not have hurt that poor girl.”

I think about it. “She loved him in some sick way, and that is why she put up with his shitty ways.” I looked away remembering the way my ex acted, and he did do that too. I still hate him.

“Get this he also has some form of personality disorder too, and really he even accused her wrongly of cheating using his own body? Wow…Sounds like someone has a few screws loose.”

I sigh, “He was insane you know, and I should have dumped him like a rock. I have now moved on from a horrible person like that too. I am happier without them in my own life.”

She flipped through her notes no doubt prepared for her interview, and intent on grilling me about my fictional life.

“He also claimed he was perfect which was a lie since he also slept with 9 girls without using condoms, and would force girls to have sex with him. He even described it to her in detail which ones he forced anal sex on, and ones he claimed enjoyed being raped and tortured. Why would he do that? Is he ugly or desperate because he must have serious issues if he needs force to get laid.” I laugh because I have seen the way he is now, and boy is he ugly. He looks like he packed on a few pounds.

“It must be sad to be like him. Dead inside, and really who would date him now?” I showed them a picture of what he really looked like. Sally’s eyes widened.  

“Wow..You were not kidding when you said he would beg for sex, and no wonder why he used force. Yuck.”

I laugh. God it was a good idea to use his character to expose his manipulation, lies, and people will believe me now since I am better liked then him.

“Oh we are getting to the good part. He is a good liar, and according to this he has killed people. Why has 

he not been caught?”

I shake my head, “I have no idea why. Maybe because he knows how to bullshit his way out of things. One day though he will get caught. They will find him, and maybe one of the girls he has claimed to have raped will come forward landing his ass in jail.” She gave me a look of sympathy.

“He will pay for what he has done.”

“Honestly I do not care anymore. Now he is just some asshole easily replaceable. I used to care about him until he treated me badly. I never really let people like them get to me anyway because I am too busy, and have too much to do to really think about them,”
“When is the book going to be released?”
“October 25, 2013.”

“There you have it folks. Let’s give applause to Leanna Maliki and her new release, but most of all. Let’s congratulate her on her past, and not letting it affect her life much.”
The audience clapped, and I smiled happy to have the best revenge of all: Success, and it did not involve killing them, or touching them in anyway either.
The guy was not so lucky because he ended up getting shot by his current girlfriend for cheating on her with another girl. After the interview the story of the bully got around, and Agatha got noticed in a bad way. People yelled at her, and called her names. They even started throwing things at her too. She ran away last I heard, and no one has seen her since. The end.      
Moral of this story: Never mess with a writer because anything you say can, and will be used against you in a story sooner or later.  
This is left out for a good reason, and I hope you enjoyed it and were entertained by it.
Until next time,

4 responses to “Stories left out of the anthology…”

  1. Is any of this a retellin of actual events in your life

  2. Was any of this autobiographical told as fiction ???

    1. It is fiction mostly and it just did not fit in with the story some of it like the best selling author part is fiction as well as the two characters the girl hates.

  3. Maybe the first three paragraphs are a little true, but no names are mentioned because I don’t let them get to me like I used to. I used to obsess about the past a lot, and in all honesty I used to know people like but now they are gone from my life. I have never been happier to have an outlet for my emotional scars until I found writing, and it did make me a better person.

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