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I used to dislike editing to the point where I will put it off, and not deal with it until later. I have been working on the second killer novel while planning the second retail novel. I stopped it a few days ago when I realize why I cannot focus on working on new projects. The reason: I have some serious editing to do since I have to combine 3 word documents together, and make them into one awesome story. I still want to finish Blood Fire and Moon Watch my young adult novel. I am all the way to chapter 5.

I have found out it is not as bad as I thought it was especially the revising and editing. I find it enjoyable as I put in more details, change the ending, and add an emotional depth to it that I had not known existed. It is best to edit a few chapters a day so it will not seem too overwhelming. I have been finding better ways to say descriptions and ways to emotionally charge the story. True to the saying a rough draft is just that a rough outline of the story. The real magic comes when revising, and making a character so real they can jump off the page. Also making sure the sentences are clear too. Changing around the sentences is sometimes a must to make it gel together more. That is the magic of editing and revising. I am also waiting to get back my first retail story to have it beta read, edited, and have it out by November and October. I found a better title for it: Vampires, Werewolves, and Retail Oh No!

That is it, and I have nearly finished my review of the Writers Digest. Hopefully it can be typed up, and  published before I go on my trip.

Any thoughts on the editing process what it is or is not? What you like about it or not?

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