Novels, reviews, and thoughts oh my!

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I have been speeding ahead on some projects like my first retail novel is being typed up by a friend to help me concentrate on two other novels, and focus on those. I have been feeling blocked though, and maybe it has something to do with stress from work. I will be getting a few weeks where I work only 2 or three times that should help. I am also going to type up the rough drafts, and write down notes instead of write the draft long hand…

This brings me to the next thought though. I love going on Goodreads to look at new authors to try out. I start reading the reviews, and then I see the one stars making me see how harsh readers are…It makes me cringe when I read how mean the readers are when it comes to the authors work. I look at my own, and I think oh hell this is not any better either. I can almost picture what a reader is going to say about my books…Then I think my work sucks…I think my other stories suck even if I have them polished the best they can be.

I am going to hopefully finish both the killer contract 2 and the second retail novel by the end of next year.

Any thoughts about reader reviews, being our worst critics or tips on pushing through?

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2 responses to “Novels, reviews, and thoughts oh my!”

  1. Just remember that no writer, living or dead, is loved by every reader. That includes Shakespeare – don’t you know people who “can’t stand” Shakespeare? I’ve met a few! Keep writing and let your readers find you. 🙂

    1. I will keep writing since I cannot stop even if I want to, and my readers will find me too you are right every author has haters anyway since it is part of the job. Just like working in retail not everyone will love your service.

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