Guinea Pigs and Writing:

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I just got a new pet a guinea pig named Muffin from a friend’s family.


I have had guinea pigs before named Max, Rockie, Marina and Dawn. I saved Max and Rocky from a lab to keep them as pets so they can have a long and happy life. I found a picture of Rocky, and it is the closest one I could find except he had red eyes.

I love guinea pigs, and I was really, extremely happy to have one back in my life. They are loving animals to have as pets, and I am happy to have an animal in my room that will keep me company while I am writing.

I am working more hours during the summer, but I have more evening shifts which means more time to write and catch up on reading. I am taking an online class Film and Literature instead of Creative Writing 2 due to low enrollment. Next fall I will be taking Poetry 1 and Creative Writing Novel Writing one, and I will be blogging about that. I have been working on a few writing projects, and I am almost finished with one of my stories. I can feel it, and I am halfway through. The first novel query letter is being worked on, and I revised it except for the three paragraphs focusing on one plot thread. I have finished highlighting all the pieces to put in the story, and I am going to be working on putting the pieces in to form an awesome story. I will let you know when I am going to query and the progress on my journey to becoming a successful author.

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