Writing and Life…And Hunger Games!

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Last week nearly killed me thanks to working the whole week, but now that my schedule is back to where I want it I will keep going. I am printing out my first novel, and the extra scenes. The other copy is so old, and used that I want to start fresh. I have been working a lot, and going to school. I just got a new keyboard to type up my stories easier as much as I love my laptop there is nothing better then using a keyboard separate from it.

I am also working on editing the anthology, and hope to have the feedback for it in a month. You can say I am a little impatient in getting it out there, but editing takes some time…I even saw…The Hunger Games movie!

*Spoilers Ahead if you have not read the book*

This is what I think of it: I read the book, and I can say that the movie did not disappoint me at all. I loved seeing The Capitol. I loved seeing the control room for the games, and the outfits that the people were wearing were spectacular. I loved the actors who played Gale and Peeta. Jennifer Lawrence was a good Katniss Everdeen too, and she brought the character to life really well. It all takes place in the city of Panem, and there are 12 districts. The Hunger Games was the Capitols way of controlling the population. It was pretty quick in the jump to the games. I was surprised about how fast the action was, and thankful it was not that gory. It was bloody, but not to the point where you could see inside the contenders bodies. The environment of district 12 was incredibly done, and I still cannot get over how amazing the Capitol was in the movie. I was amazed by the tracker jackers too, but they could have looked more menacing then looking like ordinary wasps. The dogs were the final touch, and they were cool too, and I was happy they did not look like the contestants because it seemed like that was random in the book. I loved Woody Harrelson as Haymitch, and I figured he played that role beautifully too.

The Hunger Games was a good movie overall, and I would recommend seeing it in theaters because it has everything. Action, romance, and showing a tyrannical government not to mess with kids.

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