Goals for 2012:

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I now have a 2012 planner that I attend to use for school, work, and writing. I am getting my office set up, and organized too with my room clean maybe I can concentrate on writing now too. Work is now going to be slow now that the holidays are over which means more time to write, and concentrate on school work.

My goals are now realized…
·      Finish Astral Witch
·      Edit and type up Astral witch, and then find an agent to represent it.
·      Put out more ebooks, and get out the last poem collection ebook.
·      Finish editing Revenge anthology, and get it published.
·      Read more writing related books, and review them on the new blog once a month.
·      Keep up with blogging on both blogs more.
·      Balance everything, and write more in between everything.
·      Publish at least one free ebook.
·      Get better at marketing, and putting myself out there.
·      Keep up with social media, and build a better website.
·      Print out business cards.

Those goals are what I have so far, and I hope to achieve them by the end of the year. Hopefully the end of the world will never happen either.
Does anyone have goals for the new year?
Until next time,

3 responses to “Goals for 2012:”

  1. Great goals, Jess! What kind of planner do you use? I have an Uncalendar (became addicted to them in college). I like to map out my destinations in pencil 🙂 Let me know if you need help with making those goals! I haven't mapped out all of my 2012 yet, but I have a few good ideas.

  2. I use a whiteboard, and a notebook planner for 2012. Thank you for your offer of help I will ask if I need it, and I look forward to reading your story.

  3. With the business cards, I would recommend Vista Print. If you make an account first, they'll start sending you discounts and deals. I got 250 free cards (paid like $10 for shipping and handling). They took awhile to get to me, but I had them for my conferences last year…Which reminds me…I need to order new cards. Thanks 🙂

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