Writers and character passion:

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Writers need characters and plot to convey their story. I can create characters and plot, but the one thing I lack is breathing life into them. I have been writing devoid of emotion at times, and it shows in my story that the characters are flat. Yikes!
I now know that I need to use my passion, and emotions to make my characters more believable. Emotions and characters are what moves the reader. It is what keeps the reader turning the page.

Creating characters people root for, and that can change can make the reader read until the end. It separates a good story from a bad story. Believable and extraordinary characters are what keeps the reader thinking about the story, and what will happen way after the pages are read too.  I need to make them have flaws and strengths equally since my characters need flaws to be believable. I will need to think of ways to make my characters relatable to people too. I will probably work on it more as I get better on bringing them to life on the page. 

Passion is an essential key to a good character and story.
Without it the characters fall flat, and boring. They become a carbon copy, and not relatable either. Without flaws a person can become boring, and too perfect. Bringing life to the page with characters is what a writer lives for.

Any thoughts about characters and passions?

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  1. I just had "wow…of course!" moment. This seems so obvious, but something so many of us overlook. Great reminder!

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