Technology, Tablets, and Writing

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I love how technology is getting better and better every year. Like companies are making better tablets, and the IPod touches and Ereaders are getting more hi tech. I can lay in bed with my IPod touch or laptop and go on Facebook and Twitter. I can even check my bank account too, and for writers technology is a good thing since writers need to be active with social media. You can even get apps for writing on the go. Writers can get an Ipad, and use the app Pages that lets you type documents on the go which will be handy for long road trips. I mean technology allows us to buy books instantly, and publish them instantly too.

My thoughts lately go to a Kindle Fire, and the Ipad. I plan on getting both because the Fire will be used as an Ereader mainly, and the Ipad will be used for playing with documents in the car. I love the portability of both, and I could easily fit them into my big back without it weighing me down. I am looking up the top apps for the Fire and Ipad. They are awesome. Word, Facebook, Twitter, Blogging.  

I can even use it in school for typing up notes when I do not want to carry my laptop that day. I can type story ideas on the go, and that is what I use my Ipod for sometimes during break at work. I had to use it the other day when I finally came up with the name for the character in The Killer Contract Agency two story. I love it though! Which is why writers should own tablets, and portable devices. I am going to own both the Ipad and the Kindle Fire, so I will write a review on them both when I can.

Any thoughts on technology?

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  1. This post ABSOLUTELY read my mind. I just got the Kindle Fire and I've been obsessed with it! It can do soooooo much, and I've never had a smart phone, so it's practically a life-saver. You can also "borrow" books on the kindle, so I'm reading the second book in the Hunger Games trilogy for free!! I honestly just came to the realization that of my three talents/passions, writing just keeps on emerging on top in terms of success and response, and sometimes even the joy I receive from it. So, I'm happy I read your post. Technology will really help in terms of publishing for writers too. I can't wait until everybody has a kindle/nook/ipad/or-some-kind-of-tablet. It will be wonderful to have our books be only a click away.:)Best wishes from one blogger to another,~Zabrinah

  2. Definitely post reviews on those two! I'm hoping to get an iPad 2 for Christmas (crossing my fingers!), and I know there's a Kindle app on there. But I'd still like to know whether or not the Kindle Fire is a second device that I should own on top of it. Let us know what you think!!

  3. I don't think authors HAVE to use social media or always be plugged in. there's a lot authors who chose not to and they aren't any less popular for it, or any less of a writer for that matter. I think it's a cool way to connect to fans, if you have any, and if you chose to. it's also a great way to keep up with your writer friends :)I want to get an e-reader, mainly so I can lay in my room and read manuscripts without the interruption of the internet. but that's kind of a lot of money for something I read only 10-20 times a year 😛

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