Writing is…

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·       A compulsion

·       A way of life

·    An escape

·       Something I have to do

·       Something that tells a story

·       Something that gives me hope

·       A tool for reaching out

·       A tool that teaches a lesson

·       A calling for a higher purpose in life

·       A way of getting feelings out

·       A tool that allows you to escape the real world

·       A way to make things right

·       An end to a long struggle against good and evil

·       A gift from GOD

·       A savior to people who have trouble communicating with the world

·       Heaven to a tortured soul

·       Something I plan on doing everyday of my life

My career, my passion, and something I plan on doing every day no matter what obstacles may lie in my path to my dream of becoming a published author who works full time at home.
Finish the sentence what is writing to you?
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One response to “Writing is…”

  1. Amazing! Writing is …A gift from God!One person once wrote, "How long will you make the world wait to hear the story that God entrusted you to tell?"That one got me back to writing.Keep it up!

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