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I read the article written by a concerned mom, and I know this is a problem in today’s middle income in america. Which is why I wanted the mom to guest post on my blog. It is well written by someone who is worried about feeding her family in today’s economy. 
I hope take this concern to heart. 
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The Unknown faces of Hunger in America
They could be the person sitting right next to you. You would never know it by looking at them. They have a good job, stable home, seemingly loving family, mid-size car. All of things we normally see on the outside of a middle income working American.  However, every day they wonder, will I have enough on my next pay check to feed my family.  The person knows they have to pay for the gas to drive to work. The grocery store is a nightmare. People with food stamps and WIC are eating better than your family. You make too much for food stamps. You see a person with a cart loaded with food and wonder, would they be willing to pay for someone else’s  cart if you told them you have no food at home.  You try to make sure your children have a well- rounded meal each day.  You eat PB & J so they can have the fruit, vegetable and meat that you wanted to eat for dinner.  You pass people every day in your car, on your way to work with signs that say homeless, no job, need money. Are you any better off? You feel like telling them you to would like money for food. When school rolls around. Do you buy the supplies and forfeit that day, week or month of not eating nutritionally? You know a bag of chips is cheaper than apples. The chips will fill their stomachs longer. When people comment about Americans getting fatter, they should look at what we now can afford to eat. Keeping a job that you have been at for years with a steady income, no raises in site, is eating away of what we have left for our food. Insurance goes up, gas goes up, food prices go up, it is any wonder why we are having problems feeding our families?
We ponder what can we cut back on to save our money for food.  Credit cards gone(can’t  get use it to get food anymore when we are between pay days), can’t borrow from relatives(that opens up all kinds of comments and suggestions from them), is the food bank an option for middle America?

 What miniscule amount will it take to feed a child in America?

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  1. Very good post, and very true. We judge so often in our society by who "looks" the part, when in reality there are so many of us struggling out there. I hope your post resonates with some people to donate somewhere. I've read recently that the state with the most children going hungry is Washington, DC (how ironic?)BY THE WAY – Yes, to your question about accepting the award! Just list 7 things about yourself, pass the award along, and then mention who gave it to you! YAY! 🙂

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