Using Drama in Writing:

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People act stupid and say stupid things sometimes. People start unnecessary stuff just because they have no lives. But if anyone knows that the person they are starting stuff with, or disrespecting is a writer then they might as well shut up.

The writer in question could do things to them to make life unpleasant. Like using their words against them in future stories. Writers should realize that when people start drama to take notes. It could make a good story, and if anyone says negative stuff about you use it in a story so it will not bother you anymore.

Convince yourself it is your character getting upset about it instead of you. Problems are easier to deal with if you use that mentality. Also if you become famous thank them considering it is their fault for even saying that stuff in the first place. Using their words against them is the best part of being a writer. It makes them think twice about saying anything bad about you in the first place, but never use their  real names or appearances. Which is why instead of getting mad about the negativity and drama write about it. Also make it seem like you do not care about it in the first place. Use it then ignore them.

What do you do as a write to deal with drama? That is just something to think about. Writers remember do not get mad about it write it away! 

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  1. So far I have been fortunate enough not to have received a character thrashing negative review or been dragged into some sort of internet argument.One of my hard rules for the internet is: if you don't have something positive to say, then don't say it.There have been countless times I have wanted to reply to posts or blogs that get under my skin, but I just don't. What you say online lasts for a very very very long time. Something posted a year ago can find its way back to you.

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