Good Magazines for Writers

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Good magazines for writers:

I have been getting a few writing related magazines for a while, and I think they have really good articles that are writing related. The two magazines I get are: The Writer and Writer’s Digest.

I love them both because of the helpful articles they have. I am going to do a separate review on both of them because I love them in their own ways. Some articles even feature advice from big time authors. The magazines give helpful tips regarding every part of the writing process such as plot, character, setting, and advice on query letters and sometimes handling rejections. I am taking my time with the review, and reviewing every issue I have to help you see why I cannot wait to get another issue of them.

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One response to “Good Magazines for Writers”

  1. I like writing magazine for the help the offer and for the exposure you can get if you submit a piece that's featured. Can't wait to see your reviews!

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