The Nightmare of hurricane Irene..

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August 27, 2011 was supposed to be a normal day. One that involved playing video games, tv, and finishing up my story. I did not freak out about the hurricane because I did not think it was going to be that bad. I thought it was going to be like a normal thunder storm.

I was really wrong in thinking that. The damn hurricane was awful. The wind sounded like trees were going to fall down at any moment. Rain was flooding the entire ground making trees so loose wind could topple it over. It was so scary my heart leapt out of my chest every time I heard a thud.

Trees are getting knocked over every half hour. Cars are hydroplaning left and right on the street. People have been killed. Several million without power. I have never seen it that bad period maybe Katrina and Isabelle were worse.

After it was over the grocery stores are horrible with people crowding to buy food. Since the power went out people had to worry about using flashlights since the electricity is out. Food in the fridge and freezers had to be thrown out since they thawed, and then were frozen again because of the cold coming back on.

I went out in the storm at one point because I thought someone’s house was on fire. There was a fire, but not the house I thought it was. I ran which was a mistake because all the adrenaline running through me, and panic made me sick later.
I was one of the houses that lost power. That same day a funny thing happened. I heard a buzzing when I was in my boyfriend’s house. An insect was stuck in my hair, and when I got it out it turned out to be a huge hornet. I did not get stung though. I was lucky that day despite the hurricane. I did not panic when it happened because I had all I could take that day.
I am grateful to have the power back on now. I took it for granted and let material things become more important than the basics. Food, clothing, shelter, a house, even a warm bath are all necessities. I missed having the internet at my house. I am learning to be more grateful for the stuff I have now. 

I did spend a few days with my boyfriend at his house, and it taught me tons of interesting bits of information. I learned how to clean and pack. I learned how to survive a natural disaster, and these experiences will help me become a better writer. I learned more in these last few days then I ever have learned in school.

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2 responses to “The Nightmare of hurricane Irene..”

  1. I hope all is well now, Jessica. The hurricane Irene was really bad, destroying a lot of properties and taking so many lives. But it's also a good thing that the experience became a blessing in disguise to you – that you are able to appreciate the more important things in life after the devastation. I wish you all the best in your writing journey!

  2. interesting that such a terrible experience would teach you more than you ever learned in school.

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