Writers and Second Life…

Writers and Second Life:

I play on second life. It is an online role-playing game that gives you a chance to be who you want to be. A chance at a second life basically. I love it because you can meet new people, and network. I even found some groups that will allow a writer to sell their work. It is a really good online community to get involved with because of all the activities you can do.

I am part of a group called The Wolves Den. The leader of it named Jami Titanium started doing writer sprints. It is basically where we meet at a certain time, and a timer is set for 15 minutes. A prompt is given, and we have to write about it when the timer starts. After the 15 minutes is done then the people give feedback about the things they have written.

It has helped me with my writing, and I love going to them. It is something for writers to look into, and it could really help them with their writing. 

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