The Killer Contract Agency

Spread the love Killer Contract Agency, hires bully victims to eliminate and kill their tormentors. The Agency has invented a machine to predict how they grow up, and the bullies are members of the Malian race.

Salina was bullied to the point where she was almost killed, and the Agency finds her, and hires her to take them out one by one.

This is a short story, and it will be a part of The Killer Contract Agency series.

Here is Chapter 1 of the second book:
Die Bullies! Die!
By: Jessica Samuels

                              Chapter 1
People say that words have no power, and that they cannot hurt you. They lie. Words can cut you up, and sometimes make you wish you were dead. They have the power to hurt you to the point where it feels like a kick. It feels like a part of you died the moment you heard their cruel, unkind, vicious words. Words have the power to embarrass you to the point where people call you names everywhere you walk. It can make people talk, so bad about you that you kill yourself, or have to switch schools because their words are that bad. Bad enough to turn people against you, and make you have no friends. 

The people who do this have a name Bullies. I went through hell in elementary, middle, and high school because of them. All the things they put me through are nothing compared to the hell I can make them face. People say to let it go, but I cannot put up with people like them because they deserve to die! They deserve to burn in hell. Calling me names, beating me up, raping me, threatening to kill me and my family. Spreading rumors about me. It is not just me that this happened to, but they steal, kill, rape, assault, and countless of other crimes they have never been caught for until now. I am their demise, and I want my revenge!  

I washed the blood of my enemies off my hands. I dried them off, and sat on my black leather chair in Stephan’s apartment.  I thought about my life. I thought about what led me astray from the path to the light. Only one word comes to mind. Bullies the people who turned my good natured-ness into wanting vengeance I blame them. The same assholes who pushed me, so much that I had to kill them. I wrapped a soft-blue quilt around me while I held a hot cup of chocolate that Stephan made me. I took a sip of the liquid that warmed me up inside. 

Sitting by the warm roaring orange fire made me relax. I pondered about things, and I thought about how all this started. I still can’t believe Stephan Silorne accepts me despite what I did to all these people. I still don’t care that I killed them. They deserved what they got, and I feel like I did a community service by getting rid of them. As I watched them take their last breath before they died I felt nothing. I do not feel anything towards it my anger and rage died with the last asshole. I should feel something like regret or guilt, but I don’t. I am Scarlet NightShade, and this is my story of how I dealt with my bullies. I am a vampire now, and this is my story of before when I was human. I deal with demons and bad creatures, and not pathetic high school bullies that need to grow up. I am probably getting ahead of myself again. I still have issues at least that is what Stephan keeps telling me. So without further ranting here is my story, and I hope you learn that killing the way I did is not how you handle bullies. Rather then follow my path and possibly end up in jail. Ignore them because they will get theirs eventually. Suicide is not the answer either.
I hoped you like a little teaser of the book, and it will be better as I go along.
Until next time,

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