Writing, guns, and superheroes Oh My!

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The Fun of Writing Research:
These past few days have got me thinking about how bad this society has been. People not helping others in the street, and saying they deserve what they get. My research for this next story has led me to Superheroes. I watched a documentary on HBO that chronicled Superheroes, and I was amazed. They help the homeless, and come in contact with real criminals without harmful weapons. I wish society had more of them instead of the people out there now a days. The people who do nothing while watching someone choke, and the people who walk by when someone else has fallen.
 My latest stories have even led me to research guns, and conceal carry. I have read all kinds of things on it, and that people are afraid of weapons because of the horror stories about it. I see no issue with it, and I want to conceal carry eventually because it can protect me from rapists and pedophiles. It can act as a useful tool of protection. Cops do not like it I noticed, but they should take a better look outside because I see stuff they don’t.  I see people who will stand by while a person gets murdered, and I have heard people ignore the screaming of victims. That is another reason why real superheroes help people, but they do not carry guns.
All this research has led me to craft the next story I am working on with guns, superheroes, and helping people. In the mean time I am doing more heavy research on it all to make people take notice. Maybe it will change someone’s mind about weapons, and superheroes.  

One response to “Writing, guns, and superheroes Oh My!”

  1. It's so funny you bring this up…because while you are seeing people in need without being helped and people lookin away, I see that sometimes when people are trying to help, they get hurt or it's part of a con. The sad thing is we want superheroes because we want to know that someone somewhere is willing to jump into the burning, catch that criminal, stand up for someone when they are insulted, be there when someone needs to cry, give a helping hand when someone needs it without them having to ask…we want all those things and it's a sad thing that our society has become a place where we are too afraid o the consequences to ever help.So here's to people who are the everyday superheroes! Good post!

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