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                           Unique for You is now ready:

I have been working on this for 3 days, and now I finally got it to where I want it. I am using this post to introduce the store better. My bio is not on there, so it will be right here:

About me: I am a reader, writer, blogger, video gamer, researcher, target shooter, and a unique individual. I have a personal style that reflects me as a person.

Personal quote: Do not let negativity and fear get in the way of your dreams.

My shop has 8 sections that have a topic, and sayings from that theme. These are some of the saying themes I have at my shop in 8 sections. I will also give you a sample of the sayings, and you can find the link to my private shop at the bottom.

Journal and notes: This section I made strictly for journal themed sayings such as: “Experiments for trouble in here” “Enemies beware I am planning in here”

Funny sayings section for funny and inspirational sayings such as: “Give me coffee, and I will be nicer” and “Got problems? Talk to someone who cares”

Books section for good books sayings such as: “Books are my guilty pleasure” and “Read books. Gain knowledge. Stay off drugs.”

Animals sayings dealing with cats and guinea pigs such as: “Got catnip?” and “I love to cuddle with my cats”

Caution sayings that are funny, and make you think twice such as: “Caution: Not a morning person talk to me at your own risk.” And “Caution: Head in the clouds, and will run into things”

Video games and dreams section for some fun sayings such as: “Life is like a video games, except you do not get points for running people over.” and  “Video games are better than reality!”

Drama sayings section for the people that love to cause drama: “Drama and gossip is an excuse to escape boring lives” and “Spread love not rumors”

Guns sayings for the target shooter and gun fanatic such as: “Smart people learn to shoot zombies” and “Use a pink 38 revolver, and criminals will be too busy laughing to hurt you”

 A Writing section that features sayings dealing with being a writer like: “Writing is like therapy minus the bills.” And “I wrote my first ebook. Ask me about it.”

The store is supposed to be a fun sayings store, and you can find the sayings on mouse pads, journals, t-shirts, and the like. I thought not only about the consumer, and I also thought what would I like if I was one. I doubt you will be able to find a store like the one I came up with. I hope you like it, and that you will tell the people you know about it to get the word around. I would not mind taking positive suggestions, or changing the colors, or products. You may find something for everyone whether it is for animal, writer, gun, or book lovers. I hope you enjoy the store.

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