My writing dream..

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 Once I hit the big time with my writing I am designing the writing space of my dreams. I am getting a new desk and chairs. A new desktop to keep all my writing stuff on. I am getting a mac book for a back up laptop. An ipad for on the go, and a kindle to keep all my ebooks on. I even want to paint my office silver.

That is going to be happening when I become very successful with my writing. If you had an ideal office space like if you made it big how would you design yours, and had the money to design it the way you wanted to?

2 thoughts on “My writing dream..

  1. I found my desk at home to be too distracting. It wasn't until I was at my office doing other work with all of the distractions gone that I was able to finally write and complete my first novel.When I hit it big, I will keep an outside of the home office that is for writing only.