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New idea for a writing job:
I have discovered a new way to try to make money designing t-shirts, journals, stickers etc. I looked at the stuff on the site before, but I had no idea that you could design things for it. The website is called Cafepress, and it is a website that lets you design and personalizes various items like shirts, mugs, water bottles, the list goes on and on. I read up on how to do the designing, and it turned out they have a plan where it is free except for taking out 10% of royalties. I find that a fair trade considering they does everything for you except the design.
Right now I am in the midst of designing the store, and its contents. I am still working on editing my first novel, typing and creating my eBooks. On top of all that I am looking for a job. I will update you on how the store is coming along, and I will write a post when the store is online.
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