2 poems, and what I am up to…..

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                Not many people may know this, but I got laid off on June 29th. I have been focused on school, and writing mainly. I am trying to get an ebook published two of them. One has my short stories, and the other is a poem collection. I do not need an agent for short stories or poems, and most of them will not do it anyway. 

   Which is why I am going to Self-publish both my E-books on Smashwords, and the E-books will cost $5.00, but I might give a free copy to a few people. I have been working hard on picking out stories and poems right now.  I am going to let you read the poems and short stories that I am going to put in the E-Book, but in order to decide which ones to use I will need your opinion.  Honestly just tell me what you think of them, or if it can be improved because I have only myself as an editor.  In conclusion, without further commentary here are a few poems. I will send out more  of my work when I have typed them up.

This pet is a guinea pig
His name is Max
He is white as snow
With red eyes that glow
He had perky ears
And he liked lettuce a lot
He was 9 years old
Bred from a lab
I rescued him from being hurt
He was really sweet and gentle
He was put to sleep on April 24, 2006
His memory will live on


It is gone
She is gone
She was black and white
With red eyes
All that is left is her body
Her soul is gone to a better place
Forgotten in the ground
Nothing will be left, or be found
Time will pass
Her body will stay
Then in time it will eventually decay
My poor pet guinea pig Marina
Died because of an infection, and vitamin C deficiency
I forgot when she died
It was in 2006
It was a surprise
Her memory and picture is all that is left
I will never forget her.

Hope you enjoyed this tell me what you think,
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