New Setup…

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Once I get my blog started, and get more followers I will need a new set up to make my corner the base of operations. I will be doing a few ebooks, and trying to make it so I do not have to get a nine to five job like everyone else. A job that has employees, coworkers, and bosses. This is my new setup, and when I get enough money I will be getting a bigger desk, a new chair, and a new desktop. This setup I have now will do though in the mean time. I will come out with more book reviews, but school is a priority until July 20th.

My computer and dual screen hooked up to a key board and mouse. It is basically a laptop hooked up to a screen.

My printer

My writing stuff all together.

My fiction books.

My reference and cooking books

3 responses to “New Setup…”

  1. Try to get an ergonomic keyboard before you go too far. They are pretty cheap right now.

  2. Looks like you're all set. Haha. My writing space, my room, is so cramped. And, could collapse at any time. Yours is all neat. Jealous.

  3. My first time to your blog. Saw your guest post on Sarah Allen's blog. I love your fresh attitude and enthusiasm. Make it happen!

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