To Literary Agents that love paranormal romances..


Synopsis for Blood Fire & Moon Watch :

Serena Starfire is an adopted telekinetic with no idea she is a Skylon. Skylons are A race of superhuman that can only come into their powers with a bond to a werewolf or vampire, and they transform into warriors that are invulnerable and strong. Her best friend Crystal is a Waterlon who can control the elements and teleport. She has to have a ceremony like Serena as well, and as her guardian she is keeping Serena in the dark to keep her safe from an evil sorcerer. When Serena notices four transfer hotties at her school she knew nothing about. It leads to an investigation that starts her on a journey that leads to her finding out who she is…

      Oliver Scott is a werewolf from the Wolf Thunderstorm clan sent to Solar Cosmo to attend school, and find the werewolf hunter on the loose. At least he has Allesha the werewolf he is promised to come back to, and his techno friend Tolfin Martin to help him along the way. Once he meets Serena though he might have found the girl that was meant for him… Or the one that would make him runaway from everything he has known.

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