20 things people do that annoy me..

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I thought this would be a fun thing to do, and I am pretty sure I am not the only one annoyed by these things as well.
1. Mean gossip because it is a stupid waste of time.
2.The people who cut you off when you are driving, and the people who tail you.
3. The nosey people who get in your business when you did not invite them.
4. People who pretend to be your friend, and talk about you behind your back.
5. People who act like immature morons when they are too old to do it.
6. People who are intolerant of other races, religions, or think that boys are better then girls when girls can kick ass!
7. People who  comment to be mean honestly do you think I care about that stuff? Grow up.
8. People who think they are better then other people, and act like they are all that when they will not matter 5 to 10 years down the line.
9. Dumb questions like Are you really jewish? Said in a tone that makes me sound like a freak or alien.
10. People who are stupid enough to underestimate short people because short people can kick major ass! Stop being stupid, by putting limits on us.
11. People who keep things from you especially if you are dating them.
12. Everything annoys me sometimes.
13. People who look over my shoulder when I am writing. If you ask that is okay, but not if you do that uninvited.
14. People who talk about other people in a bad way, and do it within hearing distance of the person. People like that are just too sad for words, and a waste of time talking to.
15.  People who do immoral things, and expect to get away with it when they are going to be caught eventually.
16. People who rudely push and shove other people out of the way without saying sorry.
17.  Guys or girls who cheat on the person they are dating instead of talking their issues out.
18. Negative people who are stupid enough to try to bring you down, and get in your way of succeding.
19. The people who talk on the phone or text while driving seriously do those people want to get in an accident?
20. People who think they could do your job better then you could.
 To everyone who reads this:
What do you find annoying that people do?

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