22 Things I do whenever I Procrastinate..

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1. Daydream
2. Write
3. Video games
4. Go on addicting Websites
5. Read
6. Everything but the thing I am supposed to do.
7. Think about something other then the thing I have to do.
8. Watch people and thank god I am not getting beat up for staring. lol
9. Watch reality television shows, and laugh at the funny situations people there get into.
10.  Admire the weather
11. Go very slow with the thing I have to do.
12. Do easy fun things first.
13. Surf the internet
14. Day dream more
15. Try to look busy even if I am not busy at all
16. Talk
17. Stare into space
18. Get bored of doing the thing I am procrastinating for, and do something else.
19. Watch mindless cartoons.
20. Yell at traffic when I drive because of the stupid driving people are doing.
21. Worry about the things I have to do besides the things I am doing.
22. Have a headache, and make excuses not to do the thing. 

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