The Writer That Got Revenge…

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Melody was writing furiously in her notebook. She was in class not paying attention, but writing always writing. She could feel some of the students looking at her paper. She ignored it though, but she thought it was mildly irritating because she was not done yet. She hates people looking over shoulders if she is writing an unfinished story. Sometimes people ignored her, and looked at the teacher. There were always a few that got on her nerves.

There were also girls that thought they were all that in one of  her classes. Laughing at her furiously writing in class all the time. She had a deadline to make, and she would sometimes get distracted with the girls who would laugh at her. Mean girls she would think. She continued day after day furiously writing. She was good in her classes as well a straight A student.

5 days..

10 days..

She turned in her stories only to have the publisher send it back. “It is too obsessed with hating people and gossip.” She was furious those bitches killed one of her chances, so she tried to get even. She snuck in class before the bell, and way before the mean girls got there. She filled a bucket with blue the color of the ocean paint, and hid behind the door. She waited until they got there then spilled it all over their heads.

She came out from behind the door laughing. The girls went home

that day never to laugh at her again.

She wound up writing the tale she worked furiously on, and became a published  author.

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